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Tax Consulting

"It's all sorted" - Proactive tax and accounting service for small business that pays for...

Wealth Creation

34 % returns in 16 month. 13 months closed in profit. 5 trades a month.

Financial Planning

At peseko Financial planning services , We want you to enjoy the benefits of your...

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We strive to be recognized as a leading financial firm by providing value added financial services and products that are of true benefit to our clients. We strictly comply with...

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Sarvesh Chand

Sujith is a dear friend of mine. Yet, I assure you my feedback is brutally honest. They have well trained people, that each and every single approach towards my queries were answered in an effortless, wholehearted and profound way. Being from a Non financial background….i had a lot of fear. It was leap of faith for me initially…. I trusted sujith blindly. Solution to my questions were answered with a certain sense of care, even my silliest queries were resolved with an understanding….. They understood my stress before considering such a invetsment decision. They multiplied my investment without any management fee. My home loan tenure got halved. 


Manan Saraiya

The key stakeholders of Peseko are very congenial and trustworthy, they are very well trained and expert professionals on wealth and money management, their approach towards their customers is stupendous. Being a owner of multiple business, we are always seeking for wealth growth opportunities. I recommend you peseko’s service as a avenue to park a portion of your portfolio. They give me the edge of leverage and short selling.


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