How to choose mutual funds that is best for you

  1. First assess your financial goals and limits: You must assess your limits on how much you would want to invest in, Also, assess what are your financial expectations from the investments and the term period.
  • Consistency in investment process: Investment in mutual funds should be regular and consistent. Your asset management company would offer services such as tracking, online investing information and receiving daily SMS alerts.
  • Right timing: One should have the knowledge on when is the right time to buy or when to sell. Often, when the markets go down, people panic and pull their investments out which result in a chaos. On the other hand, this situation could be an excellent point to pick up stocks as their valuation would only rise from there on.

So overall, if you have a low risk appetite, or if you have a long term investment in mind with a committed amount being set aside each month, then this could be your choice of investment. For more details on mutual fund investments or free consultation on how much to invest and which portfolio combination to choose from, do leave your contact details on the form below.

Benefits of mutual funds investments

Are you looking at investment opportunities for your future? The best way is to invest in mutual funds as it is flexible as well has a lesser risk when compared to other instruments.  Before you park your money somewhere else, you must assess whether an individual could invest his/her money in stocks, bonds, money market securities or in the other traditional instruments such as public provident funds, fixed deposits etc. as an alternative.


  • COST:

Mutual funds are one of the best investment options as there are many advantages. For example, when someone hires a portfolio management service firm, then he/she will be charged 2% 3% of the total investment every year by the fund managing firm and the rest will be charged as a share from the profits.


In today’s world, access to information and data makes investing much more simpler and reassuring as an option. A lot of research and data is available, all you have to do is analyse the performance and take your call based on your risk appetite.


Mutual funds are very easy to buy as they require a very low investment amounts and are traded only once a day.


  • SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT PLAN: You will get good at investing in equity only when you have a more controlled approach. Similarly, a systematic planning approach is the best way to go for mutual funds as well. Therefore SIPs are the best way when it comes to investing, regularly and with a fixed amount.
  • ELSS FUNDS: This scheme is favorable for long-term investors and has tax savings benefits to take advantage of.
  • DIVERSIFIED EQUITY FUNDS: This is an aggressive fund where funds are invested in diversified stocks. It fetches high returns and therefore is higher on the risk scale. This approach is good for long term investors who are young and have age as an advantage.

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